Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making your content POP with pictures!

You write great content.

You lose sleep thinking of the perfect witty phrase, or profound statement.
We want your message to come across loud and clear.

You know how it is  - - your RSS Reader is full, and you are trying to get through all of the posts your friends have written.  There is a post that just leaps out from the page.  The pictures are engaging. You want to interact with the post - tweet it, or comment on it.

And then there is another post. This one has no pictures.

The paragraphs are at least ten lines long, and it is not scannable, or easy to read.

People are busy!
Keep their attention by choosing pictures that are going to enhance your post.

There are so many great sources for pictures!

(If you have your own pictures, then consider watermarking them, to help keep them safe.  More to come on watermarking your photos in a later post.)

Google Images.
If you find an image from google images, simply link the URL to the main website that the image is from in the caption area, with the text for the link being "Image Credit."  For example:

Image Credit



At Dreamstime and Pixosphere, artists upload their images for greater exposure of their work.  Simply use the same process, and the caption will contain the artist's name, linked to their page on the website.

For example:

© Erik Reis |

Give the artist credit is extremely important, but very simple to do, and the extra few minutes searching for a great picture really will make your blog posts memorable!